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Welcome to Velas Resorts, with our new App you’ll have access to all information about the resort and in-suite amenities. You’ll also be able to call and chat with other guests through the App, at no additional charge. Just install it on your mobile device (Android or iOS) before your trip, open it and register your arrival date.


When you arrive at the property, connect to Wi-Fi to discover:

  • Restaurant options and resort menus
  • Mexico’s most exclusive Spas
  • Experiences and daily activities programs
  • Videos of resort tours and maps
  • Our history of special events and venues


Register in the App to:

  • Call and chat with other guests at no additional charge
  • Call extensions within the property and submit requests to resort staff
  • Receive messages from your Concierge and promotions within the property
  • Request amenities to be delivered to your suite
  • Review the extra charges on your account

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